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June 25, 2013
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Run 90's Kid,Run! by MaysJedi Run 90's Kid,Run! by MaysJedi
This took a bit of time. Mostly do to minor events and drawing characters I never drew before! I hope you all like it!

I made this since I thought it would be cool to do a collab of modern cartoon characters (and one video game character). I also thought it would be funny to have them chase a 90's kids since I'am sick of hearing their unintelligent whining of how the 90's cartoons and Pokemon games were better and new things suck.

Gravity Falls characters owned by Disney.
Pokemon Character owned by Game Freak and Nintendo.
Dan Vs Character owned by The Hub and Starz.
Adventure Time and Regular Show characters owned by Cartoon Network.
My Little Pony: Freindship is Magic characters owned by Lauren Faust and The Hub.
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true not all new is bad. Im a 90 kid and i love mlp and the new pokemon gens too (the hate against the 5th gen rages me so up <.<)
Honestly, I think we all tend to be a bit biased towards our own time period, but you're right, that doesn't mean that everything new is automatically inferior. I'm a 90s kid for example, but I have to say that Adventure Time and Gravity Falls are two of the best written kids shows currently on television (you could even take the word kid out and that might still be true).

I think the key is to take the best of an era and shrug off the rest. I count myself fortunate because when I was growing up, they had great new shows airing while still playing a lot if the classics. Wish they'd start doing that again.

I mean, I got to cut my teeth on shows from the 50s to present day, everything from Popeyes and Looney Toons to Invader Zim, Rocko's Modern Life and Animaniacs, the old Scooby Doo cartoons and Teen Titans, Kim Possible, the Flinstones and Jetsons and the entire DCAU franchise, and lord knows what else.

Although I don't care for a wide range of current cartoons, looking back the past had some real stinkers too. It's the test of time that really determines what will stick. That's why it's always a nice surprise when I find a rare treat like AT or GF in the flood of new shoes these days :)
luigifan00001 Aug 14, 2013  Student General Artist
You get em' hydreigon!
Is that 90s kid even a real critic?
zty1 Aug 6, 2013  Student Writer
As a boy who born in the 90's end, and live his childhood in early 00's and get the age to critic a tv show in 2010. I can say, this picture, is perfect.
Hydreigon's in there? Yep, he's fucked.
True Story of how this happened.  

90`s Kid: Hey you all suck!   
Mordecai: GET HIM!  
90`s Kid: AAAHHHH!!!  *sees a New Dragon*  HEY DRAGON YOU SUCK!   
Hydeigon: Rurrraaaaar! ( ARGH I GET YOU! )  

Whats Your choice?  
Destroy him with the powers of Hydreigon!
Use Magic from Twilight and Rainbow dash to kill it. 
Beleg that kid with Finn and Crush it to its doom with jake`s powers!  
Launch Mabel& Dipper with the pig and penetrate its heart and brain. 
Run over that kid with Mordecai and Rigby`s golf car.  
Let that kid get shot down with Dan`s AK47.

AdvancedDefense Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
This is too awesome for over eight words.
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